Now that the elections are over and Prop 2 has passed, we as a city can move forward again without the uncertainty of who will get elected, what new laws will we have to live with and all the, “what ifs” that come with the uncertainty.

I am proud to say that our local elections were clean and civil. I wish it had been that way on the state and national level. Of course, I want to thank all of you that supported me as well as those who ran and won in other positions. We, as a city, had an outstanding turnout of voters with over 83 percent casting their votes. The rest of the state needs to look at us.

Let me take some time to write about the most important issue to face us in the coming year, recreational marijuana. Starting this weekend its use is completely legal in Nevada as long as you are 21 and all the associated rules are followed with no exception. This means locals and visitors. Whether you personally approve of recreational marijuana or do not, remember it’s legal as long as you follow the law. I urge all of you to read the new existing law carefully, as ignorance of the law is no excuse.

On another subject, I received a letter from an unknown individual during my campaign that I would like to comment about. Normally I would have tossed an unsigned letter in the trash. If you can’t have the nerve to sign your name, you have no—–. You get what I mean. Let me answer the comments, questions, or whatever this person was looking for.

The individual told me he could not vote for me because I had fulfilled my term limits. Sorry. I can still run again in 2020 and probably will.

The second comment wanted me to define where our downtown is. He tells me he has been here 36 years and is yet to find it. Duh, stop looking. We never had a traditional downtown and probably never will. Cities don’t build, developers do.

The next question or comment wants to know why our baseball fields are lit up all night. First time I ever heard this. I go to sleep and rise at a normal hour and don’t live by a baseball field. Of course, he blames the police for not turning them off and says they are too lazy to stop.

The last comments he makes blames me for all the empty store and business vacancies we have. He also blames the rules we have to keep business out. What rules? We welcome business. It’s up to the business to be successful, have a business plan, and the necessary funding and understanding of doing business in a small city.

Perhaps this individual should come down to city hall and discuss his dislike for Mesquite face to face, but as I said it takes you know what.

Let me end this conversation on a positive note. I love Mesquite and its residents. I know the council does also. None of us are here for personal gain. Mesquite continues to get better all the time. We are on the right track and will remain so.

I am looking forward to a happy New Year and a successful one for our city and all of you in 2017.