We are a divided country there are two Americas.

There are those that work for a living and those that take for a living.

Many people are law-abiding citizens who work hard to support their families, and then there are others, who just take and then even want to take more.

The President has vowed to fight “income inequality”. Is this really about income differences or about buying votes? One party promises that if you vote for us, even if you do-nothing productive, we will get you income equality.

The President’s idea to reduce income inequality is simple; take from the people who worked hard in school, maybe even had trouble with a subject or two but kept at it until they got their diploma. Those who got a job and worked at it showed up on time and maybe put in some extra effort even if it was a fast food joint. Let’s take some of the fruit of their labor and give it through various programs to the “do nothings” thus sparing them the consequences of their life decisions and their lack of efforts by giving them some of the worker’s fruit.

Is it about not going to school, not going to work and then wanting the same things as those who did go to school, who did get a job and worked their way up? Is it about wanting something without putting out the effort to earn it? Then by the power of the vote, you can get it all by supporting the party that will fix income inequality by just taking it from those who worked for it and giving it to those that do nothing.

The Democratic Party talks of equal income as a right, while completely ignoring the difference of the efforts of those who worked. Those who work hard and achieve are to be punished by taking what they have earned and giving it to those who do-nothing. Those who do- nothing are to be rewarded as wards of society.

The truth is if you decide to drop out of high school, you are going to have a different result in life than someone who gets a diploma, gets a useful education, and then gets a job. If you have children out of wedlock, you will have chosen a path that most likely leads to a life of dependency. Life to a large part is determined by the choices we make.

Entitlements are replacing work as the basis for earning a living in America. The President wants to take from the successful and give to those who do virtual nothing and contribute virtually nothing.
What is their justification for thievery? The other guy has it, you want it, Vote for us and we will take it for you. That is the philosophy that is destroying America. This doesn’t empower, this enslaves, by creating a culture of dependence and entitlement.

Yet this is not about inequality it’s all about freedom, the freedom to succeed and the freedom to fail but you also have the freedom to get up and try again.

It’s not the haves and the have not’s, it’s the doers and the do-nothings.
It’s all about the Americans that contribute, and the Americans that don’t.
When the takers become the biggest voting bloc, it’s all over for the America, as we know it.

This whole philosophy goes against one of the major teachings in the Bible “You will reap what you sow” and changing it to “You will reap what the other person sows”

We better wake up soon as this is not all about inequality, it’s all about freedom, the freedom to succeed and the freedom to fail, but you also have the freedom to get up and try again.