Comments, Questions to be fielded during Three Hour Open House

Engineers will be available April 15 at a public meeting to discuss the Mesquite Interstate 15 Exit 118 Interchange project overseen by the City of Mesquite. Community members are invited to attend the meeting and ask questions about the endeavor.

Questions will be answered between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Grading has commenced on the project with 500,000 cubic yards of dirt already moved to the site. The project is scheduled for completion June 2016.

The exit at Milepost 118 includes the construction of a diamond interchange along I-15 and the extension of Lower Flat Top Drive to connect with the new interchange. It will provide commercial vehicles a direct route to the Mesquite Technology and Commerce Center, increasing the efficiency of deliveries and drop-offs and revitalizing local economic development.

It is anticipated that the project will help keep tractor-trailers off the community’s thoroughfares and arterials, freeing up roads to commuter traffic.

The design-build construction project will be fully funded by the Clark County Fuel Revenue Indexing (FRI) through the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada.

To stay updated on the progress for Exit 118, connect with the City on Facebook at