To the Editor:

First of all, I want to thank Dr. Selmer Spitzer and Larry LeMieux for finally realizing my musical talent.  I knew it was hiding in me in the depths of my soul, but due to the wonderful work these two are accomplishing, I have been able to bring that talent to light, off stage, during the past concert of our Symphony at the VVHS.

Another “Thank you” also to the members of the orchestra for welcoming me and my fellow “percussionist” into their elite group.  For those of you that were unable to attend the concert, I am referring to one of the song selections that was an amazingly performed piece.  The moving arrangement took the listener to the beaches of North Korea with the sound of the ocean lapping at the waters edge and the soft soulful music of the French horn and clarinet.  Then the music grew louder and in the distance you could hear (and some said visualize) the helicopters coming overhead as they made their way across the land. The different instruments gave way to the sounds of war, highs and lows were telling the story of “Inchon” in such a way that the audience felt they were there in that moment.  Just as they had entered, the helicopters returned at the end and left the beach with the sound of the waves lapping at the shore. It was really a magical piece of art portrayed by the orchestra under the guiding hand of Dr. Spitzer.

It is so much fun to watch Dr. Spitzer conduct, because, when the musical number is finished and it was well executed by the orchestra, he absolutely lights up.  He has a beautiful, and I MEAN, beautiful smile.  You can tell he loves his job and the people with which he works.

Sandi Sorenson, owner
Klasik Kloset Consignment Boutique