In an email Monday morning, Bryan Dangerfield, the former Director of Athletics and Leisure Services for the City of Mesquite, sent an email to local media in lieu of actual meetings or conversations on his departure last week.

His email was brief and he stated he would comment no further on the subject.

“It has been an honor to serve with the good people of Mesquite for the past six years as an employee of the City and as a volunteer on various committees,” he said.

“I’ve been impressed with the kindness and generosity of those great people I served with. The lives of many residents and visitors to Mesquite continue to be enriched by the dedicated efforts of volunteers and staff.

“I’ve been asked to continue in my volunteer roles with the Mesquite Senior Games and ParaLong Drive and I intend to fulfill those commitments. I hope to see those events grow in size and reach throughout the world. The Senior Games is coming up soon and the ParaLong Drive will be next September and we need the wonderful volunteers in Mesquite to continue to contribute their enthusiasm and efforts.”

Dangerfield moved to Mesquite in 2008 and took over the position of Economic Development Director when the existing director, Bill Chernock moved to Carson City. Dangerfield had been working in a similar position in Cedar City, Utah.

The sports facilities that Mesquite had at the time impressed Dangerfield, especially the ReMax Long Drive area at the Mesquite Sports Events Complex. When the position came open, Dangerfield jumped on it and he began just as the now defunct Desert Falls project was ‘taking off’. Well, it took off; right into space, and the blame for the failed project was placed on the four who almost saw it through: former Mayor Susan Holecheck, former City Manager Tim Hacker, former City Attorney Cheryl Hunt and Dangerfield himself. It appears from last week’s departure that he was the final remaining piece still employed with the City. Now, he’s gone. Whether or not his role seven years ago had any bearing on his resignation may never be revealed. Although he officially tendered his resignation, there is speculation from several community members that he was next in line to be cut stemming from a recent visit from The Reilly Group, who did a study on the Athletics and Leisure Services Department in February. Current city officials will not elaborate on details, of course, as it is a ‘Human Resource’ issue.

*The MLN would like to extend a thank you to Bryan and his years of hard work with the City of Mesquite. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.*