Bill SB252 was introduced Wednesday March 11, 2015 at the Nevada Senate and proposes to change how the State Business License Fee is calculated and collected.

The proposal would change Nevada’s flat $200 per year business license fee to a tiered system with rates ranging from $400 to $4 million a year; the fee will be determined by the business gross revenue and type of industry. Instead of collecting the fees annually, the fees will be collected quarterly. Currently the Business License fees are collected by the Office of the Secretary of the State, but this bill is proposing to transfer this responsibility to the Nevada Department of Taxation. The revenue generated by this increase will help improve Nevada’s education system according to the proposal.

The Mesquite Area Chamber of Commerce is concerned about how this will affect our local businesses. Our responsibility as a Chamber is to advocate, inform and educate our membership on issues that will have an impact their businesses. We urge you to review SB 252 and contact your State Assembly and Senate representatives stating your position regarding this bill.

The direct link to SB252:

You can express opinions directly to your Nevada Senate and Assembly representatives listed below:

Senate District 12 Representative: Joseph (Joe) P. Hardy, email:

Assembly District 19 Representative: Chris Edwards, email:

You can express your opinions directly at the Nevada Legislature website in the section “Share your opinion with your legislators” and select Bill SB252: