March’s Featured House & Home Business: Mesquite Lock DocLock Doc

Russell Love and his wife Robin moved to Mesquite about seven years ago from Florida.  They used to visit Las Vegas regularly and liked the dry heat in Nevada much more than the heat and humidity in Florida.  They decided to make the move west with a short term stint in Vegas before moving to the relaxed and friendly environment they found here in Mesquite.  Before moving to Mesquite, Russ had worked for many years in various parts of the construction industry.  Shortly after moving to Mesquite, Russ met and became friends with Wayne Laird, who had started the Mesquite Lock Doc business in 2009.  A few years after their meeting, Russ started working with Wayne as an apprentice.  Wayne had considered retiring from the locksmith business a few times, but he wouldn’t sell the business to just anyone.  He knew he had to find the right person and he felt that Russ was just that person to offer Mesquite Lock Doc to.  With that, the wheels were put in motion and Russ headed to Dallas, Texas, to attend the ALOA Locksmith School for additional training and testing to become a Registered Locksmith.  Russ and Robin purchased Mesquite Lock Doc in January of 2014.

Mesquite Lock Doc is a mobile business that is licensed, bonded and insured to provide locksmith services in Mesquite and in Clark County.  They provide these services from Mesquite north to Desert Springs and south to Moapa, Logandale and Overton.  They do not have a storefront at this time, but hope to have one sometime in the future.  Until then, they have several catalogs available that their customers can look through and pick out something that is unique to them or more suited to their taste, be it for the front door, the interior doors or an outside gate.  Mesquite Lock Doc can order and install almost anything you choose.

A Locksmith in Clark County in the state of Nevada is required to have a regulated license.  A regulated license is not the same as a regular business license.  In a Locksmith business, all owners with more than 10% ownership in the business are required to submit to a criminal background investigation, fingerprints and a financial suitability investigation.  All of this is to protect you, the customer, from unscrupulous locksmiths.  Russ and Robin have both been through this thorough investigation and are happy to provide both commercial and residential references at any time.

According to Russ, “Our business is not limited to residential customers; we can help our local businesses as well.  Whether you need help with exterior doors or interior doors, we can usually meet your needs and do it more quickly and for a lot less money than calling someone from Las Vegas.

“We offer several services that might be used by both residential and commercial customers:

Lockout Service – When you have locked your keys in your home, business or vehicle, we can get you in, with some limitations.  We require identification for this service.

Re-key Service – We can re-key all of your locks so that they all work using the same key.

Master Key Service – We can re-key all of your locks so that each lock has a different key for access, but someone can have one master key that will open all of the locks.

High Security Locks and Keys – This style is when you really need to control who comes and goes.

Key Replacement – We may be able to make a new key if a lock has a stamped code on it, whether it’s a file cabinet, a desk, a camper or an RV.

Door Knob and Lock Cleaning Service – The dust in the desert is hard on door hardware.  If you are having trouble with your locks or knobs, you may just need a good cleaning instead of the expense of replacing them.

Key Copies – We come to you and your locks to guarantee that your key(s) work right when it’s made.  No driving back and forth trying to get keys that work.”

Unfortunately, they are not able to make keys for cars, trucks, motorcycles or ATVs.  The cost for the equipment and computer software required to make the keys make it almost impossible to offer this service in smaller towns like Mesquite.  However, they will not rule it out as something they may offer in the future.

Mesquite Lock Doc is not a 9-5 business and they will try to work with you to meet your scheduling needs 7 days week, but not 24 hours a day.  If you have any questions or are in need of any locksmith services, please give Mesquite Lock Doc a call and Russ will be happy to help you.  You can reach him locally at 702-346-3866 or on his cell phone at 702-806-0685.

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