Recently there was a story in Kenosha, Wisconsin, about a girl in eighth grade with Down syndrome. She was reportedly bullied in the stands at a boys’ basketball game, but fortunately for her… she didn’t have to go it alone. The news had reported that a few of the team members immediately walked off the court and took a stand against those that bullied her. Yes, they walked off the court in the middle of the game to make a point; to STOP BULLYING. These boys were not only courageous in what they did, but sensitive to the fact of someone being different, which says a lot, bringing back real feelings for humanity. It’s admirable for kids of that age to take a stand.

So what’s the story when it comes to adults? Bullying happens everywhere, including the work place, and it’s been taking place for years. There are signs of workplace bullying… beginning with the silent treatment. In an instant, one day you may have multiple discussions with several employees and then suddenly… no one will speak to you, or maybe they all leave the room when you enter; these are signs of bullying. It can happen to anyone, in the blue collar work field or someone climbing the corporate ladder, men and women alike are bullied in the workplace and it is more common than one thinks. Rumors that might be started regarding’ you’ may also be a form of bullying, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be in the workplace, this actually takes place in colleges, among groups and, or friends, as it happens in many types of relationships. I believe that rumors can be detrimental among adults; spreading lies about you can be extremely harmful, not to mention the effects it has on your family members. Outright lies and rumors have a tendency to spread over time, making any situation stressful… even unbearable, on a day to day basis. Someone who has a need to bully others usually has an aggressive behavior, and it most likely began in childhood years. It is a behavior that is simply cruel, hurtful and demeaning; at times, seemingly relentless for the victims.

Bullying has been around for many years, but it’s more apparent in today’s world, as it takes this type of behavior to another level, including the emotional and physical harm it does to their victims. The personal humiliation and feelings of being sabotaged in more ways than one has consequences. Here’s just a few of the psychological effects it has; depression, feelings of shame, low self-esteem, loss of sleep and fatigue, mood swings and stress. In response to these mentioned, next are the possible effects on the body; post -traumatic stress disorder, severe headaches, high blood pressure, reduced immunity to infections and even digestive problems may occur; not to mention suicide. So many issues arise on this subject; I feel much empathy for those that are suffering.

We must STOP BULLYING everywhere. It’s harassment. If you know someone that is suffering, or maybe you know of the ‘Bully’… please reach out to help. If you are unsure of doing something or helping, you can find great resources, along with State Policies & Laws at  or , as these are wonderful sites with valuable information. Don’t be a bystander any longer, be a ‘HERO.’ Help change our world and make it a happier, safe place to live in.

Make your week count.