Home invasions and burglaries have become an extreme threat today for everyone. According to the Department of Justice, there is a burglary every 15 seconds in the U.S. and on average, the typical homeowner will suffer approximately $2,000.00 in property damage or stolen goods per year. This is a common crime and is getting worse with time. What we need to do, whether a homeowner or renter, is to be proactive in taking the proper measures to secure our place of residence.

Beginning with the outdoors, shrubs and bushes should always be kept in good maintenance by trimming, so visibility is good for neighbors as well as us in order to see well; we certainly don’t need to be camouflaging the crooks in these areas. Blinds along with draperies should also be used to keep expensive household items out of view from potential thieves. Electronics are sought out by criminals passing by and potentially by just about anyone these days. Installing motion-sensing security lights on the outside of the home or doorway is also an excellent way to deter any potential crimes from happening by startling the intruders, as the lights will immediately become bright. Not only will it help with securing your home, but it keeps us safer from potential falls. Adequate lighting in evening hours is crucial, inside and out. Motion sensor nightlights are wonderful to use throughout the home, as they only turn on in the darkness, using very little energy.

Entry doors should always be solid wood or steel wrapped-core, as most are kicked in, and sometimes used with force driven objects. Deadbolts are recommended at all entries regardless of the type of residence. Last but not least, there is the home security system and, or, companies for hire. One of the most popular is ADT. They offer multiple packages… including video surveillance, fire monitoring, flood protection, home automation and medical alerts. If you have never checked into this type of protection, I believe it is worth gaining personal knowledge to what possibilities could help you, if not right now… in the near future. I must also mention that there are other companies, so make sure you check it out before hiring anyone. It is important to interview several companies before choosing the right one for you. As I searched online, I found one I was not familiar with, but was in great standing with the BBB among others; you may find it at www.simplisafe.com  and remember… always get information on more than one company.

With so many events happening around the world, unfortunately burglaries rank among the top crimes in the U.S. today. Criminals are not only after expensive household items; they are seeking your personal information, which will pay them a high dollar these days, as it will sell across U.S. borders for thousands of dollars. The worst part of all of this… it takes time, even years, as you will have to constantly be on the lookout during tax time, not to mention throughout the year tracking your social security number in order to make sure the thieves aren’t trying to gain credit or using it in any other manner… including your name. It’s a terrible thing to do, but no one else will take care of this; I speak from experience. Stay safe… and always be aware.

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