Back row, left to right are Christina Leach, Raven Rollins, Vanessa Hermosillo and Breck Howell. Front Row are Bronco Bundy, Iliana Rodriguez, Harvey Hurtado, Valery Garcia, Jose Montes and Greyson Harper.

As the school year winds down towards summer, there is a group of students who diligently stay on task and persevere to get their work done.  These are the Hard Hat workers at Beaver Dam Elementary School.  Teachers keep an “eagle eye” looking for that special classroom student who never gives up!  These students were recognized at the morning School Square ceremony and awarded hard hats of their very own.  Student selected for this honor were Greyson Harper and Harvey Hurtado (kindergarten), Bronco Bundy (first grade), Jose Montes and Valery Garcia (second grade), Iliana Rodriguez (third grade), Christina Leach and Vanessa Hermosillo (fourth grade), Breck Howell (fifth grade), and Raven Rollins (sixth grade).


Angelica Gomez with her Mystery Door prize

The Beaver Dam Eaglets eagerly await the Mystery Door drawing each month.  Only those students who have not missed a single day in the previous month have their names put into the drawing.  The winner for the month of February was Angelica Gomez.  Amid cheers from classmates, she quickly selected the Mystery Door over the envelope.  What a surprise when she found that she had won many packages of Girl Scout Cookies.  It was a yummy reward that she can share with her entire family.


Back row left to right are Omar Plancarte, Breanne Pierce, Nancy Lopez, Rosario Martinez and Laura Beltran. Front row are Jose Garcia, Eden Roberts, Kenneth Sloan and Jose Carrillo.

Each month a virtue is highlighted and each classroom selects a student to receive the “Student of the Month” award.  The quality recognized for the month of March was “integrity”.  Mrs. Wendy Dotson’s fifth grade class presented a video they had made in which various examples of integrity were acted out.  They were excellent in their roles!  Then the students who had been selected for their ability to show integrity in many circumstances were announced.  They were:  Kenneth Sloan and Jose Garcia (kindergarten), Eden Roberts and Jose Carrillo (first grade), Laura Beltran (second grade), Omar Plancarte (third grade), Breanne Pierce and Rosario Martinez (fourth grade), Audrie Okobia (fifth grade), and Nancy Lopez (sixth grade).

Alexander Eagle and the entire Beaver Dam Staff gives the honored two-feather salute to all of these precious students who help to make Beaver Dam Elementary School a wonderful place to learn!