Judith first came to the US from South Africa in 1973 when her husband, Vaughan, received a scholarship to study engineering at a private university in Illinois. They returned for a year in 1979, and then again permanently in 1986 when he was offered a teaching position at his alma mater. Among other things, Hetem has worked as a librarian and editor at a mainframe computing centre; programmed, produced and hosted three classical music programs at a public radio station; written for a marketing company; served on the board of an adult literacy program; recorded books for a school for the blind and did live broadcasts reading newspapers and magazines for the blind. ???????????????????????????????

Judith had a one-woman photography exhibition in a gallery in Michigan. She started painting in 2004. Largely a self-taught artist she was greatly encouraged by her husband and dabbles in graphic design, oils, watercolor, cut paper, clay, and mosaics. Hetem designs the gallery posters, and with the help of Bunny Wiseman, does the monthly exhibition signs for the Gallery window.

Judith and Vaughan moved to Mesquite in 2008.  She loves the Virgin Valley Artists Association and the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery for the nurturing and generous atmosphere that embraces all talents and promotes art and culture in Mesquite.

As you will see from her current exhibit, Judith is in her “Brown Period”. This talented artist’s work will be on display at the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery, 15 West Mesquite Boulevard, from March 2 to March 28.