The “Vial of  Life” Program recently started in Mesquite is already showing it’s tremendous value.  On a recent call, FF/Paramedic Colton Wood noticed the Vial of  Life sticker of a patient when they entered the home and they quickly found the vial with all of the patients prescribed medications as well as the medical history and medication allergies.  This enabled the crew to focus directly on the patient who was in severe pain and not waste time searching the house for medications.  “This allowed for a shorter time on scene and a quicker response to the hospital where the patient could receive the definitive care needed,” said Fire Captain Shawn Tobler.

“I am so happy that I have been involved in this program and I know the success stories will keep coming in as we have handed out a little over a thousand vials up to this point,” proudly proclaimed FF/Paramedic Spencer Lewis.  Lewis has been instrumental in getting this program started and soliciting the donations from Smiths Food and Drug to make this program a reality in the Mesquite area.  Vials are available at Smiths,  Mesa View Regional Hospital,  Mountain America Credit Union, Mesquite Fire Rescue Stations 1 and 3, on Mesquite Fire Rescue Ambulances, and many other locations around town.

“Spencer has done a great job in getting the message out about ‘The Vial of Life’ Program.  Deputy Chief Rick Resnick introduced the program last year and he laid out the framework.  Nice work by the both of them,” said Fire Chief Kash Christopher.  He went on to add that even though it’s only one so far, the program is a success.

The Paramedics and EMT’s of Mesquite Fire Rescue are all excited to see this program continue to grow and flourish.  It makes their jobs of taking care of the community much easier and has the potential to save many minutes trying to gather medication and allergy information.  It also allows the information to be written down by the patient when they are not in a stressful situation and likely to forget something important.  Mesquite Fire Rescue encourages Mesquite citizens and friends to participate in this important program.  Best of all, IT’S FREE!