Left to right are Doris Points, Nancy Mae Rowe, and Shirley Marek and Mrs. Cindy Stevens’ first/second grade class. Students are proudly wearing their new hats. Submitted photo.

The generous spirit of Christmas was evident with the arrival of members of the Mesquite United Methodist Church to Beaver Dam Elementary School.  Four members of the Prayer Shawl Circle brought gifts of knitted hats to the students in the first and second grades.  The children’s eyes were bright with excitement as the ladies displayed the many colorful hats, encouraging each student to select one for their own.  Second grade student Luke Sessions said, “The hats are cool! I like all of the colors!”  Classmate Dana Lindberg added that she liked the presentation because “it was so much fun!”

Approximately eighteen members of the church worked for over a month to knit the hats for the students.  Their efforts are part of an on-going church ministry which knits or crochets various items and donates them all.  The first recipients were homeless people in need of warm blankets or shawls.  The church group now reaches out to newly baptized babies, local people who might be ill or have recently had a loss in the family, newly married couples, and just about anyone who could enjoy the warmth of knowing there are caring members in the local community.   As the ladies knit or crochet, they pray for whoever will be receiving what they are making.  Before the knitted gifts leave the church they are blessed with much good will going towards whoever will receive them.

The members of the church who personally delivered the hats were Nancy Mae Rowe, Shirley Marek, and Doris Points.  Thanks to them, the little eaglet ears will be warm as the children enjoy the crisp outdoors over the two-week vacation.  A heartfelt thanks goes out to Mesquite United Methodist Church for their generosity in remembering the students at Beaver Dam and sharing the Christmas spirit.