Back row l-r Felix Hernandez, Natali Martinez, Monica Rodriguez, Jeremiah Dominguez Front row l-r Brizania Hermosillo, Jose Garcia, Kenneth Sloan, Tanner King

The monthly Hard Hat Hero Awards were given to one student from each class at Beaver Dam Elementary School who exhibited the qualities necessary to get the job done!  Chosen for the month of November were Kenneth Sloan and Jose Garcia (kindergarten), Gicelle Marquez (first grade), Brizania Hermosillo and Jeremiah Dominguez (second grade), Tanner King (third grade), Tegan harper and Natali Martinez (fourth grade), Felix Hernandez (fifth grade), and Monica Rodriguez (sixth grade).  Each student was given a hard hat to keep and the congratulations of their classmates at the morning Student Square.


Beaver Dam children running during the race


Manuel Sandoval, Arath Santos, Jesus Castillo and Benjamin Stones.

The fifth annual Pop Run was held before Thanksgiving. This popular annual event gives students a chance to race to the finish in order to win a bag full of popcorn, pop, and a lollipop.  Every child who runs the race gets a lollipop.  The day dawned with the perfect sunshine which makes the Southwest famous this time of year.  The race began at 10:00 a.m. with the runners being the kindergarteners.  First the girls then the boys competed as they raced down the stretch of the playfield.  The competition went on through the sixth grade and then even the teachers got into the act.  They seemed to run in slow motion to the delight of the amused eaglets who cheered them on their way. It was the perfect way to end the day at school before Thanksgiving.  Along with the blessings at home, the eaglets have much to be thankful for in being able to attend a school that always has something extra fun planned for them.