Lisa2014_1December arrived, along with countless advertising deals for shopping days left before the big day… but what about that warm fuzzy feeling you should have at this time of year? For some… it brings added stress and thoughts of preparation become overwhelming, and that’s not what the spirit of Christmas is all about… not at all; so if you’re suffering from what I like to call “Spirit Envy” then let me make a few suggestions in order to bring you some of that cheerful, warm fuzziness that we yearn for inside.

Watching some holiday classic movies can often stir the inner spirit, bringing back fond memories from Christmas past and reigniting the soul, bringing you just the right warmness to get into that mood. There are old classics such as “It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, A Christmas Carol (different versions available), and many more to choose from. The Hallmark Channel has nonstop movies for Christmas which have been playing since Thanksgiving. If you are looking for something more in a movie, think about finding a local Theater which offers an old movie or even a stage play, such as The Nutcracker or Christmas Carol, (just to name a couple.)

No matter how old you are, there is always a trip to see Santa Claus. Maybe get your photo taken with Santa and have a few cards made from Walgreens or Wal-Mart and send them out; not necessarily do you need the photo for cards, I know I would like one this year just because… no reason, I just want to feel young again and need some of that spirit myself. I will get dressed up one day and go to the mall… just for that picture and a quick chat with Santa. I also intend to write my very own “Dear Santa” letter this year, and tuck it away somewhere for safe keeping, along with my photo. I am starting a Christmas Keepsake Box, something to leave behind for my children and grandchildren… with the hopes it spark fond memories of Christmas’s past, along with a December journal tucked in it. It may give some insight as to how I may have been feeling during that Holiday season, so awareness of feelings might instill that ‘giving instead of receiving’ is the ultimate spirit of Christmas.

Searching for Holiday events around your area is “Key” to helping you get into the holiday spirit. If you are near a larger city, often you might find horse drawn carriage rides, a display of holiday lights, Carolers, Christmas concerts such as the Trans-Siberian Orchestra… phenomenal music for sure, and lastly… find yourself a skating rink and get yourself a hot chocolate. Whether you want to skate or just watch, it brings certain calmness while watching people smile and skating to music. I don’t skate anymore, but do find it pleasurable to watch as long as I have that hot chocolate in hand. Also, decorating inside your home can be done even on a budget. I personally love my Charlie Brown Christmas tree (sold at Walgreens) and string my own 25 light strands on it, not to mention the light blue scarf I wrap around the bottom of it.

Last but not least, the true meaning and spirit of the Holidays comes from a place inside our hearts… “Gratitude” The season with a reason… everyday find something to be grateful for. Gratitude is all about attitude and it is contagious. It’s the feel good hormone in which we seek out every year at this time. There is so much to be grateful for, such as food you eat, people you love, a roof over your head, and clothes you are wearing… these are just basics and not everyone has those anymore. There are more people living together because of circumstances like lost jobs, lower salaries and other unexpected life events that sometimes even I feel panicked… but I will wake up every morning and count my Blessings. That right there should be another act of gratitude… the fact that I even woke up and put my two feet on the floor, truly I am thankful. So you see, there are plenty of things to get you going and begin searching out … if you have a need to find the spirit. Make the most of your Holiday Season.

Make your week count.