Where has the time gone? It’s been flying by so fast that it has been hard to stop and appreciate what we have here in Mesquite. So, I am taking the time to do that now, and to remind all of you, that this is something we should do on a daily basis. Remember that column about thinking positively I wrote several months ago? This is one of my main tools that have helped me focus on that, thus attracting positive things to my life. Take note, it just might work for you too.

Of course I am very thankful for my family, friends, job, etc; the main things we all stress or worry about the most.

But I am also thankful that I found Mesquite just over five years ago. Growing up in a smaller town, the bigger cities just annoy me. It’s nice to have a reasonably quiet town with mostly kind neighbors and lots of people who take pride in what they do here.

I am thankful that the crime rate here is mostly minor thefts and drug offenses. Anyone watching news from the larger cities like Las Vegas know that there is a rare time when someone has not been shot or killed in a hit and run. I send the credit for this again to the residents and also to the police force. Some people think we have too many cops in this town; I think we are almost to the right amount.

I am thankful that there are some things to do here. I know it’s not nearly enough to keep everyone happy, but having the casinos and arts programs here help a lot. I used to golf when I was in high school, but it’s not quite within my budget here. But I do support the Golf Courses when they have their individual events. It’s a great industry to have here, and they are a huge part of our community.

I am thankful that Mesquite has two movie theaters, a Wal-Mart, a major grocery store and all the gas stations and other establishments anyone could ever need within a six-mile radius. Where I grew up, in Central Oregon, we had two small-brand grocery stores and had to drive 45 miles to get to nearly anything else. Planning and deciding what someone wants to do is much easier here when you can get anywhere in less than ten minutes and it doesn’t cost a quarter-tank of gas. Let’s not forget, the traffic isn’t too bad here, either.

Yes, there are many things we could all want to bring to Mesquite. There are probably some things that could be done differently. However, as I like to remind myself, it could be worse. So be thankful for what we all have in this nice, mostly sunny community.

The staff at the Mesquite Local News is also thankful for you, our readers, who trust us with sharing this community’s information with others. We strive to provide as much information with as little errors as possible. Without you, there would be no MLN. So, THANK YOU. Happy Thanksgiving!