MLN-Donkeysnov20-14In August 2014, Joan Dunkle and Fred Clark of the Scenic, Ariz. Satellite Adoption Center of Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue were part of a wild burro round up at the Sheldon Refuge near Reno. At the request of Mark Meyers, founder of PVDR, Joan and Fred transported two mothers and foals all with birth deformities to their front legs back to their facility in. Due to the deformities these animals would never have survived the trip to Texas in the large transport trailers.

The donkeys, Shelly and baby Reno along with Winnie and baby Amber, are doing well at the adoption center.

They have settled into the mix with the rest of the rescue donkeys. For being raised in the wild these four donkeys have been easily socialized and love the attention they get from their human caretakers and visitors. Because of the leg deformities all four donkeys have received major hoof work which has made it easier for them walk about the property.

On November 12, babies Reno and Amber had orthopedic surgery on their legs to help correct their deformities and stop any further damage to their legs.  Both donkeys came through the surgery with “flying colors”. They had their legs bandaged which will require bandage changes and they will be closely monitored during the healing process. The veterinarian who performed the surgery is very optimistic that both babies will have a complete recovery and have healthy strong legs with no heredity deformities to their legs.

PVDR is funded entirely by private donations. Anyone interested in seeing the donkeys and in learning more about adopting or sponsoring one of the donkeys at the Scenic AZ Satellite can contact Joan and Fred at (928) 347-4506, or go to the Peaceful Valley website at