To the Editor:

This letter is in response to the Mayor’s article in the MLN (10-30-14). Mr. Mayor, how can you in all good consciousness cry poor mouth when on the front page of the same edition a $2,000 figure has been approved for providing electricity to the lights being installed across the bridge on Riverside Road that leads to and from Bunkerville?! This is a prime example of how we get into financial debt. You do not keep spending when you are already in a deficit! There are two questions that must be asked before committing more financial resources to something else: 1) Is this budget item really necessary? And 2) Would this work for my own household budget every month? If the answer is no (and it should be) then do not continue to commit more monies to anything else when we are already in a budget deficit! I, as one of the many tax payers in Mesquite, do not appreciate this tactic! We deserve better! Fiduciary responsibility is key here, so please give a more responsible consideration to expenditures on behalf of ALL of us here in Mesquite.

Karen Robertson