MLN-Authoroct30-14“TIPS at Your Service” is a collaboration between locals George Burkette and Michael Napper. Both authors work in the service industry. Patton, with over 25 years in Food and Beverage and Napper, with over 30 years in Health Care felt a need to continue service to their community by writing a book that could improve the lives of those not only in the Virgin Valley but throughout the region.
The book is described as, “Things you didn’t know you didn’t know.” It is formatted as topics with lists of tips. Subjects include procrastination, obtaining goals, how to manage anger and sadness, how to deal with bullying, manage reactions, a how to on navigating health care along with kindness, happiness, body language and others. The topics place emphasis on the individual responsibility we have to ourselves and empowerment one can experience by putting just one tip into practice.

The authors feel, “It is time to create a world around us that we wish it to be. It is not impossible. It can only start within the individual. People don’t have to accept personal dissatisfaction with life as ‘normal’. Every person has the ability within themselves to achieve satisfaction and with one step taken by one person to become a greater individual,  a ripple is generated throughout a person’s home and community. It can send a clear and pure message that has no borders and encourage others to do the same. That one individual step towards satisfaction and greatness begins the creation of the world that we wish it to be. This book is a great start.”

This easy read book has something for everyone. It is currently for sale at, J. S. Merchant in Eureka and The Boutique at Stephen’s Hair.