To The Editor:
People  have asked me to explain my concerned about Virgin Valley Water District policies. Specifically, they want to know why, if they needed, had I not done something about them as a board member. That is a good question.

Before I was elected to the VVWD I attended several of their meetings. I became concerned about the lack of important policies or existing ones that were outdated.

I realized that the lack of policies could eventually lead to increased maintenance costs, rate increases or unfair business practices.

After Ken Rock’s management appointment, I was pleased to see that his attempts to reform the policy process. Mr. Rock asked for a board meeting to discuss the policy issues. However, both Ted Miller and Kenyon Leavitt objected. Miller wanted an attorney to develop policies and bring them back to him for approval. Leavitt objected since “the board is not my life.” Apparently not, since he has missed several important meetings.

We do have several policies on some issues, and they are being improved. However, it will take time and majority votes to get them improved.

While we need policies that may not mean that they are followed by the board.  Take the case of Rock firing by the majority of the board. The majority, without my knowledge, had made up their minds to fire Mr. Rock  without giving him a chance to address their “concerns.”  We had a policy that allowed him to answer any concerns, but the majority did not want to hear it.

Sandra Ramaker
Candidate for Virgin Valley Water District