MLN-BDESoct30-14Only students who have faithfully attended school every, single day during the month are able to have their names put in for the Mystery Door drawing.  Once selected, the student has the task of deciding whether to take what is in a plain, white envelope or to have the Mystery Door open to an unknown surprise.  The competition seems to get stiffer every month as so many eaglets flock to school on a daily basis.

Silence descends on the playground as Mrs. Leavitt, top eagle and principal, selects a student to come up and draw a name.  Not a feather ruffles as the paper that is drawn is opened and the lucky name is read out loud.  Then cheers of encouragement go up for the fortunate student who gets to make the choice.

Josue de Santiago, a second grade student in Mrs. Biasi’s class, was wearing a big smile as he exited the playground with his prize.  It was a giant stuffed dog.  What a fun companion that doesn’t need to be fed, looked after, or walked!

The entire Beaver Dam Community is proud of Josue and of all of the students who make it an effort to come to school each day.  They know that many exciting adventures in learning await them as they enter the hallways of Beaver Dam Elementary School, the hidden gem in the Valley.