Two people were transported to Mesa View for evaluation of smoke inhalation after an unattended pot with oil and water in it caught fire Saturday evening at the Oasis Grand Destinations Resort on West Mesquite Blvd.  Mesquite Police Communications received a report of a fire alarm with water flow at approximately 4:50 p.m. and immediately dispatched Mesquite Fire and Emergency Services units.  Dispatchers also then began receiving 911 calls from people in the area reporting smoke and fire visible from a third floor unit.  Based on these reports, the responding crew requested a callback of off duty personnel as well as Mutual Aid from Bunkerville Fire as well as Beaver Dam Fire.

First arriving Engine 11 reported no smoke or fire visible, but water coming from a third floor unit as well as a pronounced odor of smoke in the air.  The entry team reported that the fire was out and that multiple sprinkler heads had been activated.  The automatic sprinklers extinguished the fire and limited the fire damage to the stove top and some cabinets immediately above the stove.  There was also significant water damage in the affected unit.

Upon searching the unit, firefighters discovered a 47 year old male face down and unconscious in the bedroom.  Once they were able to get him out of the unit, he was transported to Mesa View Hospital by Fire Department Paramedics in serious condition.  It is believed that he had an underlying medical condition which prevented him from responding to the fire and evacuating from the building.  His 8 year old son was also transported to Mesa View as a precaution in stable condition.

The Mesquite Fire and Emergency Services Investigator believes the fire to be accidental in nature.  At this time he has been unable to determine who left the pot on the stove and the investigation is ongoing.