One of the most powerful words that can be shared today is … ‘Free.’ People react to this four letter word in many ways, and reactions are not always appealing; especially if what begins as ‘free’ …becomes unavailable. An example being; say there’s a Grand Opening for an establishment, and they’re advertising free bags, pens, or hats, but only for the first 150 patrons, so what happens after they’re gone? Some people become disappointed and yet go on their merry ways, while others experience feelings of anger and choose to display their dissatisfaction in public.  What drives people to behave in such manners over obtaining something free?  Their reactions (emotions) can change abruptly, beginning with an instant change in their attitude, sort of like a car that does 0-60mph in less than a minute.

According to some experts the word ‘free’ gives the person an emotional charge, almost euphoric… because their perception of what is being given (free) has great value, though more than likely it doesn’t. People want what is free, even if they don’t need it; it’s all about the value, otherwise they see it as costing money; money they don’t have to spend. Advertising agencies use the word ‘Free’ to lure in their customers, while proving time and time again that it works; it much like a magnet. However, if their customers feel like they’ve been taken advantage of, their reactions are usually of a heated nature; same goes for the person who doesn’t get the free item they came in for, just  like the Grand Opening I used in the example above. Emotions run high, and age doesn’t matter in these circumstances, I’ve seen many adults behave poorly. It becomes a psychological matter when ‘free stuff’ is advertised; often creating crowds that gather in anticipation, and even raising anxiety levels for those that are quick to react if their expectations aren’t met.

‘Free’ is a four letter word that gets attention fast. You can find free entertainment, buy one get one free (especially in sales ads or restaurants), Kids eat free, get a free night stay after paid two nights (certain times excluded),and the list goes on. Seeing the word ‘Free’ grabs you, not to mention everyone else. It’s great to receive something free, but it usually comes with a price; such as large crowds as I mentioned before, some unruly people and…usually never guaranteed, so you’re taking a chance.  As for me, when I see something advertised for ‘free’ … I choose to forgo whatever they’re giving away. I don’t need the hordes of people who end up pushing to be first, nor do I like seeing how badly adults behave in this situation…its simply not worth the effort anymore, and for that…I’d much rather have a piece of mind.

Make your week count.