More than 200 + participants took part in the NFL Punt, Pass & Kick local competition hosted by the City of Mesquite Department of Athletics & Leisure Services on September 25, 2014 at Hunter Sports Park.

These youngsters earned first place honors in their respective age divisions with these scores.

Ages:   Gender:           Name:                          Punt:                Pass:                Kick:

6-7       Boys                Mason Montoya          70’                   47’                   55’

8-9       Boys                Martin Jordan              60’ 6”              55’ 1”              55’ 5”

10-11   Boys                Kyler Sudweeks          80’ 7”              79’ 10”            89’

12-13   Boys                Daxon Toone              71’                   64’                   96’

14-15   Boys                Dillan Fuqua               106’                 145’                 128’


6-7       Girls                Audrey Fiso                26’                   25’ 3”              21’ 2”

8-9       Girls                Brooklin Montoya       39’ 9”              42’ 7”              58’ 11”

10-11   Girls                Annica Cameron         35’                   45’                   25’

12-13   Girls                Gracey Oster               66’ 2”              27’ 3”              45’ 11”

14-15   Girls                Markell Ludvigson      66’ 7”              77’ 4”              97’ 6”


These 10 winners now will move on to the new home of the Southern, Utah and Eastern, Nevada Sectional Competition site, in Mesquite, Nevada. The Sectional will be held on October 25, 2014 at 11:00AM at the Mesquite Sports and Events Complex, 1635 World Champion Way, Mesquite, Nevada. If they qualify at the sectional competition, they can compete at the team championship competition to be held at the New LEVI Park (Stadium) in conjunction with a San Francisco 49ers game, they will be competing with other children their age from around the States of California, Nevada and Utah that won their Sectional competition.

The NFL Punt, Pass & Kick competition allows boys and girls from ages 6-15 to showcase their talents in punting, passing and kicking with scores based on distance and accuracy. “It’s a great event and the kids are learning about the specialty skills and the fundamentals of the game of football, said Zach Robison, Recreation Coordinator of the Department of Athletics & Leisure Services”.

The City of Mesquite Department of Athletics & Leisure Services would like to congratulate all the competitors and the winners that are moving on to the Sectional Competition, good luck and have fun!


NFL P,P & K Sectional Host Selected

The City of Mesquite Department of Athletics and Leisure Services has been contacted by the NFL Punt, Pass & Kick and USA Football and in contact with Nicholas Montoya, Associate Director of the Department and has been offered the post of Sectional Competition Site and Coordinator for the event.

At the Sectionals, each competitor will begin anew with a score of zero. Only the top four first-place finishers in each age bracket from the boys’ and girls’ divisions from the pool of Sectional Competition champions will advance to the Team Championship. At all levels of competition, only the first-place winners will be considered for advancement to the next level.