Lisa2014_1Joan Rivers … do I need to say more? She was a comedian that paved the way for many, and we’ve heard about that plenty of times since her passing. She was a determined woman to go after what she really wanted in life. Her strength is one that cannot be ignored, and I for one will miss her terribly, though I never had the pleasure of knowing her personally. From her start with the “Tonight Show” hosted by Johnny Carson, she became his regular stand-in; I can actually recall watching her then.

So what is a Joan Ranger? It is someone like me that took part in her show faithfully every Friday night watching the E Channel… sitting by the television with a glass of wine in one hand and the remote in the other, waiting for “Fashion Police” including its cast members ( Giuliana, Kelly and George) ,not to mention the Iconic, Joan Rivers herself. She always acknowledged her fans as “Joan Rangers” with a salute! (I saluted her in return, sitting on my couch with a smile). She was the only one who dared to ‘tell it like it is’… in the celebrity world of fashion, and like Frank Sinatra use to sing… “I did it my way” and she did!

Beginning in the 1990’s, she would interview celebrities on the Red Carpet and was the first to ask “Who are you wearing?” Meaning the designer; maker of their attire; Joan made that question famous. In fact years later she went on to play herself on ‘Shrek 2’, as a critic on the red carpet. But aside from all that she did, their funny segments on Fashion Police were a one of a kind show. It is where they shared their views in a comedic, raunchy way and no one did it the way Joan did! I truly loved to shout out my own views from my couch as I watched and laughed hysterically. She brought tears to my eyes, from laughing too hard. Some of my favorites are; “Bitch stole my Look!”… “Streetwalker or hoe?”… “More or make it stop!” and of course I loved it when her guest star would join them on the set, as Joan continued to rip on celebrity attire; her guests had jaw dropping reactions; even those moments were unforgettable. Street walker or hoe was a spiff where they took a picture of someone on the street (literally) and not show the head; body only. Then the cast would be given a paddle (one which said streetwalker, while the other said hoe), and as they went around the table they had to give their opinion, as to ‘who’ and ‘why’ they think it is a celebrity (or not)… and pick a paddle to show. My guesses got better with the years, and she made me laugh every Friday night. Sometimes Joan would take her show out of the studio to check out a ‘Celebrity Closet’… and she never held back her raunchy comments or questions from them.

I would catch the occasional Friday night on E to catch up on celebrity news and waited eagerly for Fashion Police. I’ve always been a fan of this channel, but in 2011 when I began watching the Fashion Police, I became quickly addicted, as the laughter was infectious for me, and by 2012… It became my regular Friday evening, as I looked forward to it all day from work, planning on my bottle of wine with snacks (yes a little cheese with that wine), and I accepted no phone calls during that time! I have gone through some very rough times in my life and I depended on Joan Rivers to make me laugh. Her cast engaged (and criticized) so well with her, it was a perfect match of personalities. I saluted her every Friday night … and I cannot imagine any one person that could match her comedic wittiness when it comes to this show. Her daughter Melissa is co-producer and I wish her well. I have already wondered if she might take her place… but I don’t think so. Anyhow … for all you “Joan Rangers” out there, one last final salute!  May you bring laughter to the heavens above and keep them rolling with your uncensored humor Joan; thank you for making me a Joan Ranger. My Friday nights are no longer, and as I come to a close… You are truly missed by your family, friends, co-workers and many of your fans (for many of us that never had the chance to meet you); I salute you Joan to a job well done!

Make your week count.