MLN-Akidemicoct2-14Ten year old Joseph Curtis has been selected by his teacher, Mrs. Wendy Dotson, to stand in the AcKIDemic Spotlight for the month of September.  Joseph is a fifth grader at Beaver Dam Elementary School.  He was selected because of his outstanding scholarship, leadership, and citizenship.

Joseph was born in St. George, Utah and has moved around a bit since then.  He spent some time in California but migrated back to this area in second grade.  From the very start, it was obvious that Joseph stood out among the eagles.  Right away it was obvious that he was an avid student and voracious reader.  He aspires to be a scientist when he grows up.  In school he loves math and reading.

Joseph lives with his parents in Littlefield.  His father Scott works at the middle school in Mesquite while mom, Deborah, holds down the home front. His brother, Chase, and sister, Haley, both attend Beaver Dam Middle School.  Joseph admires Chase because he is an excellent piano player, and he admires Haley because she is such an energetic gymnast. Oldest brother, David, attends the high school and is admired by Joseph because he is already over six feet tall.  The family enjoys traveling together and enjoying Netflix for entertainment.  Joseph’s favorites are science fiction.  While playing outside, Joseph likes to engage in a good game of soccer.  He will soon be joining the Boy Scouts and is looking forward to being a part of that program.

Joseph encourages his classmates to “do their best, try hard, and never give up.”  He says these ideas will make for school success.  Good advice from someone who seems to have followed his own advice which has to his own stellar success at Beaver Dam.  The entire Beaver Dam community congratulates Joseph for standing in the AcKIDemic Spotlight for the month!