The Mesquite Merchants League started Wednesday, September 10, 2014, and we would like to thank all of our sponsors for the continued support to the league and we welcome our new sponsors this season, the league appreciates your help and support.

C.I.T.Y. Shoppes started out hot, winning 16 points with Rod Averett’s 189 game.

Kelly Smith Investment won 4 points by Bob Morgan’s 199 and Walt Kuster’s 189.

Mesquite Elks #2811 won 15.5 points from Beaver Dam Station. The Station managed to keep 4.5 points with Alan Bolla’s 200, Daryl Graham’s 190 and Bradley Sauders’ 190.

Mitchell Farmers Insurance won 14 points with Doug Love’s 224 and Richard Burton’s 211.

Intermountain Golf Cars won 6 points with Brian Collins’ 201 game and John Collins’ 191.

Foot and Ankle Institute won 13 points with Kenneth Thompson’s 211 and Cliff Hennebry’s 211 against the Bank of Nevada team who took 7 points with David Guckenburg’s 225 and 210 games for a 639 series.

Also Winning 13 points was All Pro Real Estate with Jerry Robinson’s 223 and Ron Galbraith’s 211 and 199 over Maves Construction, who managed to salvage 7 points with Dave Maves’ 208 game.

Colonial Property Management won 12.5 points with good team bowling. Mesquite Lock Doc took 7.5 points from CPM with Randee Fry’s 234, 204, 639 and James Hartley’s 203.

Mesa View Quick Care took 12 points by David Duffy’s 230, 213, 635 and John Kinnear’s 193.

H & R Block stole 8 points with Darwin Wimer’s 258, 224, 663 and Gary Higashi’s 213.

Mesquite Chiropractic also won 12 points with Danny Barker’s 245, 611 and Steve Ginther’s 218 and 200. A-Valley Engineers, Inc won their 8 points with Moose Munoz’s 204.

Team Six won 11 points with above average bowling. Falcon Ridge Dental’s 9 points did well also. Freelancers won 10.5 points with John Gerber’s 194. Master Villas Resort won the other 9.5 points by Gary Moore’s 213 and 191.

The results between Debbie’s Cleaners and Oasis Chiropractic after the bowlers from OC return to do a make-up.