ME-OVERTHEHILL-APR11_46The hot days are soon to retire for the cool winter. The snow birds will return to their winter home. Activities will pick up in the sleepy town of Mesquite.

I encourage all of you to vote for the candidate of your choice. Be sure and research the candidates and what they stand for. Are their goals and values what you expect of people representing you in public office? Do you understand what your candidates expect to accomplish during their term in public office? Become an informed voter. Do not vote party, vote the candidate. My objective is not to talk about politicians or elections although this might sound like that.

Our plates are full here in Mesquite. We have an abundance of empty houses which should be filled with laughter and happy voices. There are shopping centers which are empty. No cars in the parking lots. We are faced with possible rate increases in necessary utilities. Each and every citizen in Mesquite needs to know why. Become an informed citizen. Do not buy into what people are telling you, rather, research and become informed. Learn what good management skills are and are not. Learn why it is not advisable to reward bad performance and management with fat bonus checks. These are real issues that we who live in Mesquite are being confronted with.

It is time for Mesquite to grown up. I have said before and I will say again; we retired from going to the office every day, we did not retire from life.