Ogden Utah  LDS TempleNine Young Women and their leaders from Mesquite 6th Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had the opportunity to tour the Ogden Utah Temple before it is to be dedicated. After completion of the extensive remodeling of the building the temple is open for all interested visitors who wish to view the interiors and learn the temple’s purposes. After the dedication on Sunday, September 21st the temple will be closed to the general public and only members of the church with a recommend issued by their bishop will be admitted.

The girls saw the beautiful building and toured the lovely landscaped grounds. It was a special experience that they will long remember. The 3 day trip also included touring  Salt Lake City Temple Square and Welfare Square where they saw the work that is done to assist people around the world. For a physical test the girls climbed Ensign Peak which offers a panoramic view of the Salt Lake Valley and is a historic landmark involving the early pioneers.M6 YW Landmark

The parents of one of their leaders, Jen Lewis, hosted the girls at their home in Orem.

The Young Women on this trip were Estelle and Margaret Hafen, Arin and Vanessa Ontiveros, Amber Sandoval, Abigal Barnum, Sarah Walters, Isabelle Willis, and Eris Lewis. M6 YW climbing 2014