STANDINGS WEEK #5 – Men’s League
1.Primex Plastics 8-0
2.CasaBlanca Hotel/Casino 6-2
3.GES/McDonald’s 3-5
4.Barry’s Music 3-5
5.Zacatecas 0-8
Scores of July 30 Games
Primex Plastics 16, Barry’s Music 5
Primex Plastics 10, Barry’s Music 2
GES/McDonald’s 8, Zacatecas 7
GES/McDonald’s 13, Zacatecas 0
CasaBlanca Hotel/Casino-BYE
Wednesday August 6 Games(Tournament Begins)
*(There will be games at 9pm
CasaBlanca vs. GES/McDonald’s, 7pm
Barry’s Music vs. Zacatecas, 7pm
Primex Plastics vs. Winner G1, 8pm
Loser G1 vs. Loser G2, 8pm
Winner G2 vs. Winner G3, 9pm
Winner G4 vs. Loser G3, 9pm