The following is a reminder from Nevada Highway Patrol:

Quick Reminders for Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety 

Summer time is here and our Nevada roadways are going to be busy with our communities and visitors abroad. Reducing accidents, the severity and working towards zero fatalities are paramount. 

Laws regarding bicyclist: 
• When passing a bicyclist on a two lane roadway, pass only when three feet or more can be given. 
• On roads with two or more travel lanes in the same direction, move the vehicle to the lane to the immediate left, if the lane is available and moving into the lane can be done reasonably safe. 
• In all circumstances use due care when traveling upon a bicycle. 
• Bike Lanes: are designed for the exclusive use of bicyclists. Motor vehicles shall not use the lane for travel, parking and crossing other than where the lane line is broken near or at intersections. Bike lanes can be used for vehicles only in emergency situations. 

While bicyclists are generally required to ride as far to the right as possible within the travel lanes, vehicle drivers can expect bicycles to use any portion of the vehicular lanes, including turn lanes when necessary for their safety or mobility. There is no law that mandates the exclusive use of the shoulder or dedicated bicycle lane for the bicycle travel. 
Bicycles may ride no more than two abreast on Nevada roadways. 

Laws regarding pedestrians: 
• Legal crosswalks exist at every intersection whether marked on the pavement or not. All laws for stopping at crosswalks and/or yielding to pedestrians apply. 
• Parking is prohibited within twenty feet of a crosswalk to allow for greater visibility of pedestrians. 

It’s imperative that we all strive to create safer roadways for all users in our state, whether in your personal travels or while representing the Department of Public Safety. Make “Zero Fatalities” your personal goal!