Jerry-Myers_12_26Every time that I sit down to write I am in some way asking; what is in a word?  Every writer goes through the same thing however using different methods.  Crafting a story is in reality stringing words together to present a mental picture of what the story is about.

A simple way to start writing a story is to write a short story.  Anne Rice did this with “Interview with a Vampire”.  As the story goes “Interview with a Vampire” was originally a short story that Rice expanded into a book and then a movie script.  A number of books with Lestat as a main character followed, the “Vampire Chronicles” series, such as “The Queen of the Damned, The Tale of the Body Thief, Memnoch the Devil”, and also “Blood Canticle”.

No matter what the subject matter the writer must be able to paint a mental picture with words.  So the words must first be understood by the writer and it is the ability of the writer to craft a story with words that make the story understood by the reader.  The ability to tell a story is an art form that takes practice, and observation of life.

Writer are not born they are a development of the writer’s power of observation and the craft of a writer to putting what is observed into words using their imaginations.  Fiction comes from fact.  Interlacing the two is a challenge that is developed within the writer.

There are some that believe that myth is born of some real event that at the time could not be explained.  The story or myth was embellished and some classic examples still generate interest even today.  It is the power of words that keep them alive.

The bottom line is; words are what our culture is based on, and learning how to use them to tell our stories, our point of view, and record our history for generations to come is the most important craft we should master.

Words are our story, and our stories are us.