I believe Mesquite is finally getting back on track towards becoming an economic growth city again. I doubt we will see the growth we had pre-recession, but that’s a good thing. This time we have the time and knowledge to carefully plan for our future.Mayor Litman

So, what’s going to drive this economic engine in Mesquite? My conversations with the other mayors in Clark County often revolve around what currently makes us unique in the county.

We have reasonably priced land and water. Obviously we don’t have unlimited sources of either, but, properly managed, we’re well positioned for moderate, controlled growth over the next few decades. Water, of course, will be the limiting factor, as future supplies can change.

The upcoming 118 exits on the I-15 are under way. It’s positioning will bring growth to the area adjacent to our Industrial Park location and should improve property values, making it much more attractive to develop.

Later this month, I’m meeting with the Clark County Library District, as we are moving closer to the building of a $7 million, 16,000 square foot library on Mesquite Boulevard.  I believe this building will become a destination point for many of our residents that will further enhance the area for development. Hopefully, several other developments will be jump started by this.  At least they are in the planning stages.

The rebirth of the Mesquite Star or whatever it will be called will do nothing but good for Mesquite and the Sand Hill corridor.  Projects by the Lee family have always enhanced our community. I know, the usual naysayers think I’m trying to industrialize Mesquite. Nothing is further from the truth. We have a Master Plan and we’re following it.

The discussions at this year’s city retreat made it clear. Economic development with controlled growth is our top priority. Current reports from the city show home building permits are continuing to grow, but new homes and sales do not fund a city.

Growth also needs to be commercial and job-producing to stabilize our local economy.

I guess I’m the eternal optimist. I foresee only the best for Mesquite. I count my blessings to live in such a beautiful community. Most of us came here for the lifestyle. Clean air, minimal traffic, friendly people, safe streets with well-maintained homes and neighborhoods. We just about have it all.


No, but close to it.

Like I have stated before, if you have questions and or comments, please don’t be afraid to contact me at city hall. Call, stop in or write. I look forward to hearing from you, and will always respond.