Lisa2014_1Passion is an emotion; it’s a deep, almost uncontrollable feeling… a strong desire for something, or somebody. But what about finding our real purpose in our life? Without feeling important to someone (caring for another person), we can find ourselves with a feeling of hopelessness… and that is what we do not want. Becoming passionate about a job, relationship or something else is very important, as it keeps our inner souls going; just as our heart does.

We’ve all watched many reality shows such as; American Idol, Kitchen nightmares and others, in which competition is first and foremost. These people that dream of becoming Idols are usually passionate about their music, as are those when it comes to cooking, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we are all destined for greatness, especially in those areas. I believe as Americans most of us growing up were told at one time or another… “You could do anything you put your mind to,” but many of us have changed our paths several times throughout our lives, so now what? We keep on going!

Almost everyone I know seems to have a talent of sorts, but you must find passion with what you choose to do. Have you ever met someone who loved their job so much it didn’t seem like work to them? This is the kind of passion I’m talking about, yet it doesn’t always have to be about your job, it could be your family, spouse or even a hobby you love to do. Some people have a “green thumb” so to speak; usually they are passionate about gardening and therefor do it well. We need to listen to that “inner voice” inside ourselves, and yes we all have it. This is how we know right from wrong. Consider it a little “kazoo” that sits on your shoulder telling you what to do; remember the show “My Favorite Martian?” This little guy would appear on the shoulder of the main character, Uncle Martin, in order to solve a current problem or situation, eventually nicknamed “Kazoo.” I believe we all have a little kazoo in our lives; referring to our inner voice.

Imagine a large chalk board… write all of the things you thought you liked (were passionate about) at one time or another, yet it didn’t work out. Erase it all, starting over… begin to dream again. It doesn’t matter how old we are, there are things we can all be passionate about and should chase them, as it brings pleasure into our life, or maybe someone else’s. Focusing on things that I’m passionate about is just what the doctor ordered. Yesterday I watched an interview about bringing passion into our lives, so we may find the ultimate in contentment, making believers out of all of us. Whatever it is we choose to do in our lives, we should listen to that lil’ (subconscious) kazoo on our shoulders, because we are all searching for truth and happiness; everyone wants to find love and be loved, as well as being better people. While we follow our instincts, we should be searching for that special talent which exists in all of us, bringing us to something we crave… being compassionate in all we do. If we do what feels right, I believe it can lead us to better things, while bringing passion (love) in our daily lives.

Make your week count.