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The word Releve` is a dance term meaning to rise up and the dance members from the Releve` Studio did just that on Saturday, June 7 2014 when they performed to a full house at the Mesquite Community Theatre.

Dance teams from all venues of dance showed the audience that dance is still alive and well in Mesquite.  These girls and women nearly lost the opportunity to show their hard work to the Mesquite Audience in 2013 but one year and two recitals later the Releve` Dance Studio is still going strong.

In May of 2013 From the Top School of Dance was to host it’s review until the school closed abruptly and the dancers were left out in the cold without a recital.

One Dance mother, Tasha Gorman, vowed not to let dance in Mesquite die and contacted some of the members of the arts groups and that’s when Vicki Eckman got involved.

Eckman, having founded the Mesquite Toes and being a life-long dancer herself, teamed up with Gorman, other dance moms, as well as other members of the arts community and they all set out to make sure these young dancers had their moments in front of an audience.

After the” Their Show Must Go On” review there was nowhere to go to learn dance except Las Vegas or St. George, both were quite a distance and unacceptable to Gorman who’s three daughters are award winning dancers.

Gorman reopened the Dance School and renamed it Releve` which Gorman said fit the studio to a tee.  The dancers, teachers and Gorman rose up against the odds, rose up against the failure of the prior school and rose up to show the Mesquite audience that it was all worth the communities efforts to support these very talented groups of dancers.

Releve` offers classes in everything from pre-dance to hip-hop, lyrical, ballet, tap and jazz.  Eckman teaches the tap classes and with the support the Toes have shown the school and the girls, it’s no wonder Gorman had them appear as special guests in the Releve` Review.  Gorman’s mom, Beth Amick also dances with the Toes which makes three generations of dancers in the Gorman family.  Tasha Gorman danced a hip hop number with the adult class.  Gorman said, “I joined the adult class because I thought it would be fun, and it is.”

This year’s recital is the Releve’s second recital since opening their doors and the dance teams were in top form.   Sixteen numbers were performed by the dancers, many of the dancers do all types of dance, the audience got a taste of the diverse talents of these young ladies and loved them all judging by the cheers and applause which came from the seats.

Bunny Wiseman who runs the spotlight for the Mesquite Community Theatre spoke of the performance saying, “They are adorable, the little ones, are so cute the little skirts bumpin it is so adorable…the little ones are so darling and the big ones are perfection.  What a great show!”

Gorman was shell shocked afterward and worried that she had forgotten to thank someone somewhere along the lines.  She said she gets nervous speaking in front of the crowd and she was so exhausted she just kept hoping she thanked everyone involved and especially the wonderful audience who came to support the hard work the school, it’s teachers and it’s students have been doing to put this review on the stage.