MLN-Safetymay29-14On Friday, May 16, The Mesquite Police Department sponsored a three-hour Safety Fair hosted at the Virgin Valley High School. The event focused on the consequences of underage drinking and traffic related incidents.

School Resource Sergeant Van Houten unveiled the Police Department’s new Virtual Interactive Driver Simulator. The Virtual Interactive Driver Simulator puts the driver in a virtual world with the complexities of driving and the consequences of choosing to drive impaired or while distracted. The Simulator was purchased with grant money.

School Resource Officer Wilkins manned the Fatal Vision Goggles (drunk goggles) course. The course used peddle cars, having the students maneuver through a complex course designed to show the effects of being impaired.

Other activities and displays included the Roll Car Demonstrator, which demonstrates the deadly effects of not wearing seat belts or properly using child safety seats. There also was a special display by Beat the Heat Racing with Officer Goodsell and his modified mustang race car; promoting legal and organized racing.

Nevada Highway Patrol answered any question the students had regarding safe driving. Special thanks to MPD Volunteers and Explorers.

School Resource Sergeant Van Houten wants the students to be safe this summer and remember to obey all traffic laws. BUCKLE UP—-CLICK IT or TICKET.