To the Editor:

In recognition of our Second Season completed and in the books, we celebrate the opportunity and reflect on the influences and support that the community has given to the little league. What the sponsorships, volunteers, coaches, media outlets, board members and umpires have meant to generations of children throughout the world and especially here in our community of Mesquite, Nevada. You can see the fruits of their labors over 200 children (Boys and Girls) had the opportunity to play baseball & the first year of Girls Fast Pitch softball this season in Mesquite.

We as the board, think that the Little League volunteers understand that “no task is too small,” and relate to the saying – “We do what has to be done in support of the children” – regardless of the size and location of the neighborhood.

Since Little League’s founding nearly 75 years ago, volunteers have been the heart of the organization. Through the dedication, support, time and talents of Little League volunteers, millions of children learn about life and sport.

Whether a rural community or a big city, remarkable stories of volunteerism surround us all the time. So on behalf of the board of directors we would like to say thank you and we appreciate all you sponsors’, volunteers and those who have given to this year of our second season to the Virgin Valley Little League. We know there is more to come.

We simply wanted to express our personal thanks to each and every one of you – those just starting out as volunteer in Little League, and those who have devoted decades to providing a safe, fun and healthy outlet for children in our community and surrounding areas.

As we look forward to next season and as we celebrated the 75th year of Little League’s internationals Anniversary. We will be stepping into our 3rd year here in Mesquite and with many more great experience’s to come. Please accept our utmost gratitude and appreciation for a job well done and a very successful season, Thank you!


Nicholas F. Montoya
Vice President
Board of Directors VVLL