lisa 1.3.14_12Warmer weather entices many of us to start losing the shoes and wearing open toe footwear… or less. Sandals have become a popular item through the years, however the original flip flop (consisting of a thin flat sole with a Y-shaped strap that passes through the first and second toe), has been around for centuries, originating as early as 4,000 BC, worn by ancient Egyptians. This particular style of footwear has been worn by many different cultures, including the Japanese. It got its’ name Flip-Flop because of the open style and flapping sound it made while walking. They became very popular among people in the 1960’s after WW11, which were worn by both genders for comfort and convenience. Though they are apparently comfortable, it is a fact that if worn a lot they can result in pain and often injuries to the feet and ankles.

Sandals come in array of colors, styles and different price ranges. Finding proper support in an open toe shoe (or sandal) is crucial in keeping strong feet and protecting yourself from many types of injuries, even minor ones. Having a thicker soul will help prevent from getting stubbed toes, cuts or bruises; making sure that the soul is not too heavy. If you are shopping for a new pair of sandals, pick the pair up with one hand first… if they feel heavy, put them down and forget about it. Our body weight shifts to the floor when standing or walking, so we don’t need any additional weight at our feet. Also, I’ve been on the watch as far as others go, when it comes to what people are wearing… and I am simply amazed at those that have the wrong size sandal or flip flop on these days. If your heal hangs over the edge in the back of the sandal (flip flop), this is not your size. What would possess someone to wear something too small? I confess, woman seem to be the biggest consumer when it comes to wearing the wrong size. But when your feet are hanging over the back of the shoes, (??) C’mon ladies… there will be consequences down the road if you continue this path.

Anyhow, with summer around the corner and many of us wanting to shed the shoes, spend time while shopping for a comfortable pair of sandals. It’s not all fun, but we only get one pair of feet… so treat them right. Sometimes it’s true what they say, “You get what your pay for” and honestly, searching for a great outdoor sandal isn’t easy, so most likely you might spend a few bucks. For those of you who like your plastic flip-flop… beware, the cheaper they are, the more likely you might endure an injury; if worn a lot. They are wonderful to take to the beach and used for an emergency pair, but not for wearing on a regular basis… Of course this is only my personal opinion. And what is my opinion worth? Well, let’s see… I’ve had several broken toes, sprained ankles and bunions… I guess that sums it up; it’s called experience. I love fashionable sandals, but with age… may come wisdom; it’s true. So whatever your next footwear purchase may be, make sure they aren’t heavy and they have somewhat of a soul on them. I would also suggest arch support… but that’s a whole other subject; “Happy sandal shopping.”

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