NHP logoThe Nevada Highway Patrol would like to pass on information of an incident that occurred in the afternoon of May 5th, 2014  in the Las Vegas area.

We responded to a vehicle collision and upon arrival discovered an individual who was there on scene speaking with the drivers involved.  He had the drivers required documents in his possession and when asked by the Trooper who he was, the male subject stated he was there to investigate the accident and as he stated, “since police no longer responded to accidents”.   The individual further stated that he was contacted by the police to respond.  A second individual arrived on scene stated the same.  The subjects had business cards and forms that appeared to be official to the average citizen.  Further investigation showed that information on the business card was false along with the phone number which was to a pre-paid cell phone and had no contract with any carrier.  They were also driving vehicles that had no type of official markings.

The concern here is that these individuals are taking advantage of drivers at a time where their thinking may not be as clear and are vulnerable.  They can obtain personal information from drivers’ license as well as residential addresses and phone numbers.  These accidents may also be staged which allows for fraudulent insurance claims.

The Nevada Highway Patrol would like to remind our drivers that we do respond to vehicle collisions no matter the severity that occur on or near our freeways.  Once a driver who is involved in a vehicle collision contacts 911, for life threatening emergency, 311 or *NHP (*647 on cell phone) for non life threatening emergencies, a trooper will respond.  That trooper will be in uniform and be driving a marked patrol vehicle.  And if not sure, a driver can contact the agency to verify than an officer or Trooper is on scene.

You can contact Trooper Jeremie Elliott at 702-533-6981 or Trooper Loy Hixson 702-533-6808 for further information.