Voters will be faced with a long list of non-partisan judicial races on their June primary ballots. The Mesquite Republican Women and the Friends of the Founding Fathers plan to help local residents learn more about these candidates with a Judicial Candidate Forum.

They have scheduled the event at Veterans Memorial Park, 501 Hillside Drive, on Saturday, May 3, 10 a.m., to meet the candidates. But their presentations are not to begin until 11 a.m. to allow those who attended the Mesquite Days Parade a chance to participate.

“Most voters don’t have any chance to meet or even talk to the candidates before voting,” according to Mike Young of the Friends of the Founding Fathers.  “Here is a chance for local residents to meet and even talk to our judicial candidates. Most voters know little or nothing about their choices for judge. Don’t be an uninformed voter, attend this Judicial Candidate Forum, each candidate will address the group and pass out their campaign information.”