Mesquite Fire Rescue (MFR) responded to a report of a working garage fire at 1323 Basin View Place on Oct. 28 at 12:43 pm. Upon arrival at 12:46, fire crews found no smoke or flames visible from the street. However, upon entry into the garage they found smoke and an active fire within.fire2 fire1

Fire Chief Kash Christopher took command of the scene while crews removed the garage door to provide increased visibility and venting. Interior crews deployed multiple hand lines into the structure in an attempt to extinguish the fire while the exterior crew vented the front of the home. Within 20 minutes the garage fire was extinguished and contained to the garage area contents only. There was no damage to the structure itself.

Crews then checked for hot spots through the structure roofline and continued ventilation. A total of 250 gallons of water flowed interiorly and less than one gallon of foam was used.

While on scene, the homeowner was treated for smoke inhalation. The cause and origin of the fire are pending investigation.

MFR would like to thank Beaver Dam Fire for their quick response in taking an EMS call while the fire crews were working the active fire. Beaver Dam then responded to the fire scene and assisted in cleanup and clearing of the fire scene. Once the crews gave the “all clear”, Chief Christopher released the scene to City of Mesquite Building Inspector Dale Tobler and Overton Power District personnel for additional inspection and clearances. Clark County Fire out of Logandale also responded and it is appreciated.

Chief Christopher said, “Given that we only had six on-duty personnel to fight the fire, this call required that Deputy Chief Rick Resnick and I respond as well. Specific assignments are required to safely execute an offensive fire attack. Thankfully, no one was hurt and the fire was contained to contents only and did not spread through the house or adjacent homes.”