Debra Beatty_1You’ve been cautioned before. But are you prepared yet in case an emergency strikes?

In case of an emergency do you have an evacuation plan and an alternate evacuation plan? In the case of an all-out emergency do you or have you given thought to protecting yourself and your home? We do not like to be negative but being prepared is much better than being caught by surprise.

Do you have a supply of water? Do you have a supply of food? Do you have a first aid kit available? Do you have a flashlight and/or candles? Do you have an emergency bag packed and ready to grab?

Do all of you senior citizens know where the water shut off for your home is located? Do you know how to turn the electricity off to your home. These are serious issues and need to be thought about. In the case of an emergency, with the electricity off have you given thought to how you will survive? How will you cook food? How will you heat water for personal hygiene? If the power is off, your telephone is not working and the internet is down all at once, have you given thought to how you will communicate with loved ones and/or friends? If the power goes off in the middle of summer, “How will you stay cool?“

Do you have a list of the medications that you are taking posted on your refrigerator door along with a list of emergency phone numbers? Do you have phone numbers of your loved ones and family members posted? Also consider your pets needs during a disaster. Your pet needs to eat. It needs water. Posting your pets name is helpful.

A word of caution. If in the case of an disaster, the local police and local fire department will not be able to respond to all of the requests. You as a citizen are responsible for your and your families safety and their immediate needs.

Especially important for seniors with partners, do you have powers of attorney signed and notarized so if one of you is incapacitated the other can get medical records, pay bills and do all that is necessary. And have you filled out your living wills?

It’s not courting disaster to be as prepared for it as possible.