To the Editor:

Let’s put this into perspective. Our government can’t protect our borders, it can’t protect our citizens and military in Benghazi, but it can send in SWAT teams and snipers to effectively ban us from 600,000 plus acres of public land so it can round up a few hundred cows.


There’s something more going on here, and those of you who are so fixated on cows, grazing fees and tortoises are missing the bigger picture. And how about that softball interview Jon Ralston did with Rob Mrowka from the Center for Biological Diversity? Why was no question raised about the euthanization of tortoises in Las Vegas? Please don’t insult my intelligence and attempt to persuade me that this has anything to do with cows and tortoises.

Perhaps Sen. Harry Reid could shed some light on this situation. He appears to have taken an active role in this government intervention — a situation which, if we are to truly believe that it’s about grazing fees and cattle, clearly calls for civil remedies and not “overkill” on the part of the government.

Mary Meyers