To the Editor:

My wife has a friend who lives in your town. They went to college together.   Most people think they are sisters as they are very close.

They try to see each other every two or three years. We’ve been planning a trip to Mesquite for three years.

We planned to go April 25 and spend two weeks in the area.

Tonight she looked at the map and saw where the trip would take us through your state.

Well, with Mesquite’s location so close to Bunkerville and the large number of nuts in camo, she told me she had called her friend and said, “No way would she go through that area.”

I can’t talk her out of it! So we will not be coming to Southern Nevada, sorry to say.  She doesn’t want armed men all over destroying her peace and quiet.

Her friend is supportive of her decision. Both are very upset, as am I. But safety for my wife and peace of mind is more important.

We will be going to Wichita, Kan., to visit her sister in the Air Force.

I am very sorry I can’t show her the beautiful landscape of Utah and Southern Nevada… maybe next year

Very disappointed,

Rich Day
North Platte, Neb.