Throughout the past of couple weeks, there has been a flood of nationwide television coverage in the Mesquite area, specifically Bunkerville, Nevada. The Mesquite Police Department has received numerous inquiries as to the safety of our residents and those who visit Mesquite. We too, have heard the reports, rumors, and innuendos, which have been circulating about our community and potential incidents taking place in Mesquite. Therefore, the Mesquite Police Department, would like to take this opportunity to put any concerns to rest.

During the Bundy and Bureau of Land Management dispute, there were indeed a few criminal incidents that did take place in Mesquite, however they were few in number and never was anyone or their safety at immediate risk. Each incident was either investigated or is currently in the process of being investigated. The outcome of each of the incidents does not pose a threat or risk to residents or visitors of our community. If a public safety concern were to arise the Mesquite Police Department would make immediate notifications to the public.

Mesquite Chief of Police, Troy Tanner expressed unequivocally, “Mesquite is a safe place to live, work, and visit and continues to be safe.” Chief Tanner acknowledged, “Regardless of the reported incident(s), the men and women of the Mesquite Police Department will continue to focus on our mission, which is to safeguard the lives, property, and constitutional rights of all; while effectively providing proactive services with professionalism, honor, and integrity.”

Mesquite, Nevada has the largest population in northeast Clark County. The city borders Bunkerville, Nevada where the nationally televised events regarding Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management occurred. The dispute, as well as the nationally televised eventsdid not transpire in Mesquite.

For any inquiries regarding events not transpiring in Mesquite, please contact the proper law enforcement agencies who have jurisdiction over the area; Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the Nevada Highway Patrol, or the Bureau of Land Management.