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Mesquite Regional Business (MRB) is a private, not-for-profit, economic development organization whose vision and focus is to grow primary jobs for the residents of the Mesquite region. While every job is important, there is a significant return to the community on primary jobs because those jobs bring new wealth into the community by selling goods and services outside the area.

In 2013, MRB worked with 45 clients. In 2014, MRB worked with 157 clients encompassing local businesses as well as a few international businesses. MRB hosted 14 familiarization tours for site consultants and developers and prepared 32 customized proposals to potential businesses seeking locations in Southern Nevada. MRB also contacted 49 companies in the warehouse and distribution industries to discuss potential site location decisions.

MRB continues to work with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) and the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA) to develop and respond to leads on companies looking to relocate. In addition, MRB worked with the City, LVGEA, RTC, and GOED on Exit 118 and developed committees to work on bringing natural gas to the community and on utilizing the surrounding terrain as a test site for unmanned aerial vehicles.

MRB created and hosted the Mesquite NV Innovation and Technology Summit in conjunction with the ParaLong Drive Worlds competition in October. The Summit highlighted the advancements made in prosthetics and orthotics to enhance human performance and showcased Mesquite as a place to locate their business to the participating companies.

MRB jointly hosted the Mesquite Business Summit with the Mesquite Chamber of Commerce, and arranged for the keynote speaker, Steve Hill, Director of GOED to discuss statewide economic activity and the implications to Mesquite.

MRB was able to obtain a TEA (targeted employment area) designation for Mesquite which enables foreign investors to consider doing business in Mesquite. MRB has also introduced the concept of New Market Tax Credits to a current local business to consider for their expansion project.

When the City Council was considering municipal codes to allow medical marijuana within the City limits, MRB prepared and presented an economic impact analysis of medical marijuana for the City’s Town Hall. The analysis indicated a potential economic impact through capital investment, taxes and wages of $223M over 5 years for the Mesquite region with approximately 130+ new primary jobs.

MRB will be hosting the “Putting Mesquite to Work” Job Fair on February 5, 2015 and encourages all employers and job seekers to stay tuned for the details to be distributed soon.

The process of recruiting companies is complex and companies that are considering new locations do so at the speed driven by their internal decision making, carefully considering such factors as tax structures, labor force, cost of doing business, incentives, and available sites and buildings. MRB simultaneously conducts a ‘due diligence’ process on the target companies to make sure they are financially sound.

The outlook for 2015 is promising, given the access at Exit 118, which will provide greater access to the Mesquite Technology and Commerce Center (MTCC). The medical marijuana cultivation center and dispensary will bring new life to an 80,000 sq ft warehouse that has been dormant for 7 years, bringing good paying primary jobs and ancillary benefits to the community.

Of the nearly 200 clients that MRB has worked with, approximately 24 are considered solid prospects.

MRB is expecting a very Happy New Year!