The MMGA teed it up early and fast on Tuesday in hopes of beating the strong winds forecasted for later in the morning.  Most players got to within three holes of finishing before it started to blow.  One player who it didn’t worry about the wind was Andrew Yeh who shot a 38-35-73 that included four birdies and an eagle on the 12th hole.  Since the wind was behind him on eleven he thought he could drive the green.  His tee shot landed just over the ravine five feet in play.  From there he chipped short on the green and to the amazement of his playing patners, the ball stopped half way up the hill some 15 feet from the cup.  It didn’t matter as he stroked a great putt in to the hole for a birdie three.  Then on to the 12th where from 210yds out his second shot landed and stopped just off the green in the fringe.  His only shot to the cup was a chip over a two foot hill and then down the slope.  The “magic” man popped it up over the ridge landed it softly on the green where it rolled some 20 feet down hill all the while breaking two feet right to left dead in the jar for a work of art eagle three.  He could have scored even lower were it not for two 10inch putts he missed.  John Meyer continues to play well from the front tees as he shot a superb two under par 33 on the front and ran into the wind on the back for 46 but broke 80 with a 79.  Don Mannon (90) blew away the low net with his 66.  Three players,  Jim Nacarrato (90), Ed Hoepfner (83) and Russ Clark (96) all recorded net scores of 70 to battle it out for second low net.  Hoepfner took second with his bogey on #13.  Clark’s double bogey earned him the third spot and Nacaratto won for the first time since joining the MMGA in the 4th low net position.  Yeh’s drive on 11 and his eagle on 12 earned him the shots of the day honor.



Every once in awhile a senior player can show the youngsters that times are still pretty good after 75.  Jerry Hyland was only three shots from shooting his age but his steady 39-40-79 was good enough to beat the likes of Andrew Yeh (80) and Dave Jordan (82).  “Jerry you are never to old”.  Recent member Jim Naccarato placed in the last pay out on Tuesday said this before his play on Thursday.  “I hope it will be the first of many more to come in the future”.  It only took him 4-1/2 hrs for it to happen again as he shot 43-44-87 to tie Bill Irace (81) with a net 69.  Naccarato’s nice par four on the first handicap hole earned him his first place low net honors as Irace recorded a bogey five.  Courtney Larsen shot a solid round of 46-47-93 to take third low net with his 70.  Ed Hoepfner (83) and Dan Hoffman (88) tied for 4th but Hoepfner bogeyed the second handicap hole to hand over 4th to Hoffman and finished in fifth.

The shot and hole of the day was recorded by Jim Barfknecht on his first hole of the morning the par four 18th.  His drive ended up in the bunker on the right side some 178 yds from the green.  His number two rescue club hit the ball first and landed on the green and rolled up to within seven feet of the back pin.  He calmy putted it in for a great birdie start of his round.

The next scheduled play is on Tuesday, April 29th at the CasaBlanca tee times starting at 8:00 and Thursday, May 1st at Falcon Ridge tee times starting at 6:30.  Always check your sign up sheets for any corrected times or places.  Anyone interested in joining the MMGA can call 346-6363.  Also check out our website at