To the Editor:

 Daily tasks are executed with little to no thought as to their execution. Quite simply, we get ready, we leave the house, we get in our vehicle and we drive ourselves to the market, to whatever stores we need. We run our errands, we go to our doctors, dentists, clinics and hospitals.

We take “it” for granted.

Most recently my knee encountered the sidewalk resulting in a broken knee cap. Needless to say, this totally interrupted my “it” because I was no longer able to execute much of anything with the biggest “it” being transportation, primarily to and from the doctors who would “nail my knee” back together, up to and including the hospital where the surgery took place and subsequent visits back to the doctor until the cast came off. This might seem like a small “it,” but when you cannot get into your own vehicle for transportation due to the leg cast from toes to high hip, plus not being able to drive yourself, you must find an alternate.

Silver Rider Transit will forever have my gratitude.

I knew Silver Rider was Mesquite’s local bus system but I had no idea the service they provide to this community and people who need assistance. It was hard to believe all I had to do was call them, schedule a timed pick up and be safely transported to the doctor’s office and the hospital. Me, cast, wheelchair and all. When ready to come home, I gave them a call, they picked me up and, bless his heart, one of the drivers actually made sure I was safely on my patio before he left.

Two words, thank you, do not seem hardly adequate but, there it is, “Thank You,” for this community service.

They do have their regulations but if you need their transportation services, please give them a call. This is a service of this community I was not expecting but will be forever grateful it is available.

Barbara Wyckoff