To the Editor:

On behalf of the 2014 Mesquite Republican Precinct Team, the Mesquite Republican Women, and all area Republicans, I want to express our appreciation to all of the Republican volunteers and members of the Mesquite community for their tremendous help during the planning and implementation of the Feb. 22  Republican precinct meeting.

Precinct meetings are a very important part of American democracy. Many GOP volunteers and elected officials gave of their time and talent with enthusiasm and dedication. Once again, they made a good precinct meeting happen.

The meeting was held at the Virgin Valley High School. Their facilities worked well and the staff support provided by Clifford Hughes, Abbe Green and Kevin Brown was superb.

The efforts of all involved resulted in a successful and enjoyable experience for the voters who participated.

Thank you all.

Carol deGanahl
Site Manager – 2014 Mesquite Republican Precinct Meeting