To the Editor:

It was a little surreal to watch Dee, my son, play his final season in a Bulldog uniform. A little emotional to say the least. I’m proud of the boys and would like to pay tribute to them and also publicly thank everyone who has played a part in Dee’s four years as a Bulldog.

The boys: Garrett Leavitt – one of the most talented kids to lace ‘em up for the Dawgs ever. Devonte Milligan – athletic as they come: too bad we didn’t get him sooner. Nathan Hughes – great kid will probably grow 2 inches and gain 40 pounds next year as is his family’s tradition. Rich Martinez – you will not find a bigger heart anywhere. Trevor Robinson — sorry to see you go! Could have used ya! Braxton Bingham – spent more time in the gym than anyone – except maybe Abbie. Dillon Graves – loved coaching this kid in junior high, 100 percent all the time. I wish he’d of played basketball for me.

Dee – he knows how I feel about him

Abbie Barnard (the girl) – Hate the new format. Will always be a fan. Good luck in college. It was a great high school career!

Thank you, coaches Fitz, Sheperd, Brotherson and Bohne for all your time and hard work.

Thank you, all previous and current teammates.

Thank you, newspapers for the great coverage. Especially Bob C. and “Sweet” Lou. Thank you, cheerleaders. What great squad this year! Credit to captains Val and Cat. Thanks Tammy, Dave and Jenn.

Thank you, drill team, especially seniors Trisha and Melissa. Thank you, band. Hats off to Ms. Graff: she has done an excellent job with our band.

Thank you, Coach Sawyers for your strength training program. Hope I’m not the only one who saw the value in it.

Thank you student body, alumni and community for your support.

I’m sure I’ll forget someone but, thank you to everyone who supports Bulldog Basketball.

Apology to the fans who had the misfortune of sitting next to me for the last four years! Good luck in the future Bulldogs. The future is bright!


Rich Bowler